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This album is for owners who have found themselves in a position due to health, financial or relocation and need to re-home their horses or, like us, have taken in a rescue horse and now need help finding it a good home. Selling horses is scary in this day and time with so many being neglected or shipped to slaughter. If you find yourself needing to re-home your horse we can help by sharing their information on our page. People in the horse slaughter business troll for free or cheap horses so we highly recommend you use a Transfer of Ownership contract that includes first right of refusal if they should ever sell the horse. We also let those interested in your horse fill out our online adoption form that will be forwarded to you with the information you need to make an informed choice. The decision is totally left up to you and we suggest you call the references provided just like we do when placing horses. While we can't make the reference checks for you we can offer you advice if you have any concerns with potential buyers.


Mississippi Horses and those associated with us have no knowledge of these horses except for what's written here by their owner. DO NOT CONTACT MS HORSES ABOUT THESE HORSES. The owners will be able to answer your questions and they will make all decisions regarding re-homing. We do not assist horse traders or breeders. which is paid by the new owner. 

1. People will want as much information you can provide about your horse, height, breed, level of rider needed and if they require special care or feed. You can send us this information along with pictures through private message or send to our email address at rescuemshorses@gmail.com.

2. Good pictures and video of your horse helps tremendously in finding them a home.

3. Please let us know once you've found a home so we can remove your information.

4. As a courtesy we ask a $50 placement fee be paid to MS Horses for our time and effort in assisting owners in need. This fee will go into our Owners in Need fund that is used when horse owners face emergencies and reach out to us for help. This fee is paid at placement and can be paid either by the current or new owner.

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Soldier needs a home! He's a 17 year old Arabian gelding. Owner was told he was ridden but they believe he needs to be started from the ground up. He's not an easy keeper and they are having a hard time keeping weight on him. If you like Arabians and have room in your heart and in your pasture, please consider giving this sweet boy a home. For more information please contact the owner at Catlue072595@gmail.com or call 601-697-7654

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No donation is too small and truly makes a difference. You can make a one time donation in honor or in memory of a loved one, sponsor a particular horse or give monthly. Thank you!