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By KATHRYN EASTBURN - Staff Writer COILA — A riding camp this week in Carroll County has taught nine girls to train horses that might otherwise have been euthanized. Ride A Rescue Training Camp is a project of Mississippi Horse Rescue, the nonprofit started in 2012 by Stephanie Billingsley, formerly of Greenwood.
-- Published in the Greenwood Commonwealth, Wednesday, May 31, 2017.

Thoroughbreds are Given Second Chance at Life


At Brandywine Farms in Madison you can watch the Thoroughbreds as they are turned out to pasture for their morning exercise. It’s an awesome sight to watch these magnificent animals frolic and play, as they kick up their heels with the sheer exuberance of living. Sam and Cody, once race horses, seem to know how lucky they are to be alive. Hundreds of Thoroughbreds just like them aren’t so lucky.

Grenada Rescue and Lily Rose

Eight neglected horses are rescued in Grenada County

We cry over the senseless pain and suffering this sweet foal endured at the hands of cruel and neglectful owners the entirety of her short little life. We cry even harder because she fought so valiantly to live, but most of all, we cry for the beautiful, sweet mare that she never had the chance to become. Please visit her album, For the Love of Lily Rose

Cupid's Story


Mendahart is a prime example of how a horse ends up at the slaughter plant. Bred to race, he sold for $75,000 as a yearling. He was a money winner on the track until he became what is called a "bleeder" in the racing industry.Read More..


PedroFOREVER IN OUR HEARTS. Pedro was part of a herd of peruvians that were abandoned by their owner for two years until seized by law enforcement and taken in by Coyote Hills Rescue. For his entire life all he had known was how to fight for survival.

I was documenting his progress to show that even the most stunted of babies with horrible conformation can grow and their limbs straighten out. He came a long way in the 6 months that we had him.

Unfortunately, on May 11, Pedro had a freak accident and had to be euthanized. He was frightened and tried to jump a fence breaking his shoulder. We are just grateful that he had the chance to enjoy life. We will never forget the first time we saw him running and bucking. It was so cute. It’s always hard to lose one but he was especially hard after watching him come so far.

Watch Pedro’s journey

Nurse Mare Foals

EmilyIf you're thinking of breeding because you want a foal please consider saving one instead. Last Chance Corral can only save as many as they can find homes for. Hundreds of these precious babies perish every year because there just aren't enough homes.  Adoptions and donations are down for Last Chance Corral as with all rescue organizations.  The poor economy and saturation of the market of foals in Ohio have made it more difficult to find homes for these innocent babies. If you are interested in adopting a couple of foals (you have to adopt at least two) then we will be glad to put you in touch with Last Chance Corral or another reputable nurse mare foal rescue organization. There are so many horses needing help locally that we don’t have the room or resources to take in a large number of foals like we did in 2008. However, with enough interest and people willing to adopt or foster some of the babies we would be glad to help facilitate a trip. Last Chance Corral Visit their web site to learn more

Read More.. Last Chance Corral Facebook page

Sandy and Teddy's Story

Teddy the day he was rescued and brought to Have A Heart Horse Rescue.
Sheila Horton of Have A Heart Horse Rescue got a call about a horse that was down and emaciated on December 08, 2008. There were five horses in the pasture but one, a young buckskin mare was too weak to stand. When Sheila arrived there were only 4 horses and the buckskin mare was no where to be seen. After telling them they had no choice but to let her see the horse or be in contempt of court they finally took her to where the horse was in hiding. The mare was in a wet and muddy carport. The temperature was going to drop in the 20ʼs and Sheila knew this horse probably wouldnʼt make it through the night without a blanket and better protection from the weather. She pleaded with the family to surrender the horse if they wanted her to live. They refused saying they loved their horse and would take care of her. Sheila left heavy hearted. Forty minutes later, Sheila got the call from the family to come and get her.

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