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Our Horses

The horses listed below are located at either Twelve Oaks Horse Farm in Madison, Muleshoe Ranch in Carroll County or in foster homes across the state. We appreciate you wanting to help a horse in need and look forward to helping you find your special partner. If you see a horse you would like to meet or would like to be pre-approved, please fill out our online application. Once you are approved, you can then schedule an appointment to meet the horses.

Didn’t see what you were looking for? Not all of our horses are posted here. Many are still in rehab or with trainers. Some never get posted here because we always have a waiting list for good horses. Once approved we will have a better idea of what you’re searching for and can contact you. We love helping people find the horse of their dreams!! Thank you for wanting to give a horse a home.

As you can see, we have several horses that are in the Train a Rescue Challenge! We are so grateful for those willing to help us prepare our horses for adoption! These are the horses that weren’t ready, because we either hadn’t had time to evaluate them or needed work in order to be added to our available horses’ list. We have several more horses than what’s on this list but many of those are in rehab or waiting to be evaluated/trained. The TAR horses will be available for adoption in May but their training partner will have first option to adopt. You can follow their progress by entering #mhrTeam(horse’s name) in the FB search bar.

Online Adoption Application