It is rare for a well trained, beginner safe horse to end up at a rescue. That is why our training program is so important, not just for our horses, but for those who are considering adopting from us. Adopting a horse is a big deal and we want to make sure you find the right one for your lifestyle and skill level. We evaluate and re-train every horse that comes through our rescue. Most horses come in with years of bad habits that our training program has taught us how to correct. If you don’t feel that you are horse savvy enough to deal with these issues on your own, we can give you as many lessons as you need before taking your horse home. We can also sign you up for the Plan 4 Progress an online training program that provides you with guidance and access to your horse’s training history. It is our goal to help you find the right horse to pursue your dream, and offer you the support to make that dream a reality.

Adoption Application

Many people wonder why we ask so many questions on our application. It’s because the amount of upkeep and level of care horses need varies – there are what we call easy keepers and hard keepers. We have some horses that must be fed twice a day or they lose weight, some must be on a dry lot in the summer or wear a muzzle to avoid laminitis, some need shelter from the elements or they get rain rot or scratches, some need lots of shade or a fly mask with UV protection to prevent cancer and on and on. Your answers help us in determining which horses are most suitable for your situation beyond the style of riding you want to do.

We Need Foster Homes

We are always in need of qualified foster homes to care for horses temporarily until they can be placed into loving homes. Please complete the online Adoption Application if you want to help us help horses.