About Us

MississippiHorses.org was created by Stephanie Billingsley to establish a network of horse lovers interested in the welfare of equines in Mississippi. She realized through her volunteer work with various rescue groups that there is a need for more safe places where abused, neglected and abandoned horses can to go to regain their health and be re-homed without danger of going to auction where they are at risk of being shipped to the slaughter plant. She and her husband, Bill, decided to put their two farms to use and are providing the land and facilities for horses in need. They have also helped with the development of a low cost gelding program, a trainers showcase and adoption event, and other activities that benefit rescue groups through out the state. Their work in the production of the annual Nutrena Calender had provided rescue groups with a valuable tool for their own fundraising, and has helped to increase awareness of the plight of unwanted horses. In addition to her personal rescue work, Stephanie recently created Mississippi Horses, a non profit corporation that will use existing and new relationships to create and maintain a network of rescue groups, trainers, veterinarians, law enforcement, foster homes and volunteers to provide consistency to the increasing need for horse rescue. The rescue groups included in the network strive to meet the basic standards set forth by the  Homes for Horses Guidelines for operating an equine facility.

Behind the Scenes

Stephanie billingsley

Owner/CEO Mississippi Horses

Leigh Ann Johnson

Twelve Oaks Barn Manager

susan crump

Twelve Oaks Barn Assistant

cori arendale

Muleshoe Barn Manager

kaylee rice


Lynda koch

Equine Nutritionalist and Trainer