Our Farms

We have two different farms with over 110 acres of land for our rescued horses.

twelve oaks farm

Twelve Oaks Horse Farm is 40 acres in the heart of Madison County. They take in horses from law enforcement cases, owner surrenders, kill pens and horse auctions. But they do far more than just rescue horses. They provide clinics and training sessions to teach new volunteers how to safely handle horses. The program they use is through the Forever Foundation and is called a Plan for Progress. Volunteers gather and watch a teaching video and are then are able to step outside and get hands-on instruction from volunteers who have already finished the program. During the summer, Twelve Oaks hosts the Methodist Children’s Home children who have an interest in horses. They are given the opportunity to experience being around horses and also to help with barn chores, knowing they are learning about every aspect of being a horse lover.

muleshoe ranch

Muleshoe Ranch is 70 acres of rolling hills, ponds and three barns that provide sanctuary for permanent and temporary residents. While most horses can find a home with training, some have been so badly abused that they need time, sometimes years, to just learn how to be a horse and to learn that all humans aren’t bad. In this special place, they are loved and cared for, but there’s no pressure for them to do anything but accept an occasional pat on the head or treat from a volunteer. This allows us to take in the horses that others had given up on. We are often their last chance. We are trying to grow the volunteer base at Muleshoe Ranch by incorporating more volunteer and training clinics there so the horses can be handled more often, making them easier to train and adopt to loving homes.