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Mississippihorses.org is a web site dedicated to assisting horse rescue organizations and law enforcement agencies across our state in rehabilitating and finding homes for abused and abandoned horses. We provide information to horse owners so they can make an educated choice for their horses when they are no longer able to keep them. Our network includes volunteers from the Humane Society, veterinarians and their assistants, horse rescue organizations, trainers, riders and horse lovers of all kinds. From retirees to middle school students, we all share one thing - a love for these magnificent animals. The purpose and mission of our web site is to assist equine rescue organizations in their efforts to find homes for their horses and to bring awareness to the problems and issues facing horses in our state. 


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Special Events & Projects


On December 18, we assisted with the Copiah County horses that were surrendered by the owner. These horses were determined to be too thin to make it to the feed lot in Presidio, TX. Twenty horses were rescued that day. Two went to a foster home, two went to Coyote Hills, four went to Second Chance Horse Rescue in TX, and 12 were taken to Muleshoe Ranch for quarantine. Golden Triangle Horse Rescue and Team American Saddlebred will be taking some of the horses once they are healthy enough to travel. Click here to follow their progress.




We cry over the senseless pain and suffering this sweet foal endured at the hands of cruel and neglectful owners the entirety of her short little life. We cry even harder because she fought so valiantly to live, but most of all, we cry for the beautiful, sweet mare that she never had the chance to become. Please visit her album, For the Love of Lily Rose.



We've started a campaign called Ten reasons to donate to help people better understand how our organization works and how we are able to provide care to abused and neglected horses. We realize it's lengthy but it's hard to say in a few sentences what all is involved in our day to day operations. Thank you for taking the time to read about us and caring about our horses.


Mississippi Roads did an interview with the Billingsleys on how they

became involved in saving nurse mare foals and working to find

homes to save as many as possible. To learn more about the nurse mare industry and about adopting a foal you can go to their page. Read more.