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Mississippi Horses is a non-profit organization dedicated to rehabilitating, training and finding homes for abused and abandoned horses, as well as, assisting other horse rescue organizations, law enforcement and owners in need across Mississippi. Our network of volunteers consists of horse lovers from every walk of life as well as veterinarians, farriers, trainers, riders and many others. From retirees to middle school students, we all share one thing - a love for these magnificent animals. The purpose and mission of our web site is to assist horses in need, horse owners and other rescue organizations in their efforts to find homes for their horses and to bring awareness to the problems and issues facing horses in our state.

"Saving just one horse will not change the world, but surely it will change the world for that one horse."

Top Ten Reasons to Donate

HELP US RAISE $5,000 for operating expenses. We are receiving an unusually high number of horses needing a safe place to go. Whether we are assisting law enforcement, an owner in need, or taking overflow for a shelter, we are grateful we can help. Our mission is to keep as many horses as possible from entering the slaughter pipeline! To continue rescuing horses at the level we are operating, as well as providing community services and education, we need your support! To see how donations are used, you can read our Top Ten Reasons to Donate. Thank you so much and please share!! We will post donations on Facebook so please state on your donation if you'd like to remain anonymous, but let's see how fast we can raise this for the horses!!

Refeeding the emaciated horse

We made a video of re-feeding the emaciated horse a few years ago because we saw so many groups/vets and others taking in emaciated horses and doing way too much to them in the beginning and they died. Anything can stress them and cause them to go down.

- less is more for the emaciated horse. We do not worm, give B-12 shots, run tests or anything else because in the first 30 days, all we are trying to do is keep the horse alive. There are many different protocols on how to re-feed the emaciated horse and this video explains how we do it. UC Davis has since done a study that shows giving alfalfa only is the way to start, but we feel that once a horse goes down, it needs the extra something that's in Senior feed to get it back up. Many times a horse won't eat alfalfa. We've even had horses that wouldn't eat Senior so we try sweet feed or oats. It has to eat something or it will die. It also requires IV fluids, and it has to be lifted every 2 to 3 hours 24/7 if it's going to survive. Not many groups have the man power necessary to provide this kind of care and that's okay.

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"The greatest way to help a rescue organization is to adopt a horse, if you can't adopt then foster, if you can't foster then please donate."

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No donation is too small and truly makes a difference. You can make a one time donation in honor or in memory of a loved one, sponsor a particular horse or give monthly. Thank you!